We make digital advertising easy and effective.

Improve your chances of connecting with the right customer at the right time by advertising in our private marketplace of dozens of popular outdoor lifestyle titles and travel sites. Real-time bidding keeps your costs low and your ad performance high, with click-through rates that run 5x - 10x higher than the industry average.

The World's First Ad Network
Dedicated to Active Lifestyle

High performance advertising
(minus the acronyms.)

The core of PFX is complex technology, but we prefer to keep the language simple. If you're already fluent in the alphabet soup of RTB, CTR, KPI, etc., we're happy to jabber all day, but if you want some help growing your business without having to decode jargon, we're your people.

High-Quality Active Lifestyle Content Only.

Your ads appear in places with readers ready for your message. A better content connection means more for your advertising dollar.

PFX offers advanced features to support online commerce and new customer acquisition. Action Beacons allow you to track downstream actions that people take on your website as a result of clicking on your native or display ads. 

Our Job is to Maximize Return on Your Ad Spend.

In a recent survey of outdoor industry marketing executives, managing digital ad campaigns landed near the top of the list of most hated tasks (right behind updating the company web site and dodging calls from print vendors.) At the end of the day, we know that your job is to turn dollars into customers and when we can help you do that, everyone wins.

All plans include express set up. Since we maintain the tech, feel free to just call us for emotional support.

Who Uses PFX?

  • Performance Apparel Brands
    Adventure Travel Agencies
  • Ski and Summer Resorts
  • State Tourism Boards


  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • State and Regional Tourism Boards
  • Environmental Advocacy Organizations
  • Energy Food Companies


  • Casual Apparel Brands
  • Multi-specialty Retail Stores
  • Hardgoods Manufacturers
  • Membership Associations

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Publications are available on PFX?

We are happy to share our current list of publications with prospective clients. Please complete the contact form below and we will be happy to get in touch with advertiser information.

Do you work with Agencies?

Yes. Agencies love the convenience of making managed multi-site buys for their clients on PFX. We respect the agency-client relationship so you can feel comfortable using our platform.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No. You can use PFX for short concentrated campaigns or to pause campaigns and re-start to match any seasonality in your business. Discounts on the service fee are offered to clients who sign on for annual contracts.

Can you help me design the ads?

Yes. We will help you organize your assets for native ads as part of our standard service and we offer art pack design services (sets of 10 IAB sized ads) for a small additional fee. 


About PFX

The Press Forward Exchange (PFX) was created by Cliques Labs in 2016 specifically to serve advertisers and publishers in the outdoor industry. The technology is a highly-automated, yet highly-curated ad exchange platform that is enhanced by the oversight of experienced marketers at Press Forward.

As our network of titles and ad inventory has grown, we have leaned heavily on client feedback so that every decision and improvement to the platform is made with you in mind. If there's something that you're looking for that you don't see here on this page, please don't be afraid to ask.